New Nook reader available

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. Hopefully 
everyone is having themselves a nice Wednesday and make it the best day possible.
Now onto today's topic. 
We all know that e-readers are the new craze that every person that doesn't 
want to carry books want one. And then you have the other type of person that 
won't give up their books. But word has come out that Barnes and Noble the 
book retailer is coming out with a even cheaper e-reader. When they first launched
their e-reader they made a wi-fi version which cost $149 and a 3G version which 
cost $199. 
Now Barnes and Noble announced that is making a smaller 6.5 inch device and the 
weight of the device is just 5 ounces. Now this device will come cheaper than it's
first generation device. It will go for $139 and it is being sold as the longest 
battery life of any e-reader on the market at this time. What is new with this 
device? Well first and foremost it now has touch screen capabilities and less 
buttons on the device which just makes it easier for the average user to carry 
in their pockets without hitting any buttons. 
This new device holds about 1000 books, comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and also 
you can access the Barnes & Noble book store where you can download which ever 
book, magazine or newspaper to the Nook. 
You can pre-order the device already at the price of $139 and it will start 
shipping on June the 10th. Now the device will be available at your local Barnes 
& Noble, Best Buy, Walmart, and Staples starting in June. Now the million dollar 
question is how the device will react to the average user and will it get good,
great reviews? Another question that is being asked is what will Amazon do now?
Will they lower the price on one of their devices? Or will break out a new device 
better than this new Nook that Barnes and Noble announced? 
So now Amazon is your turn to make a great move. n

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