New Apple toys coming soon

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. I hope everyone spent a nice Memorial Day, 
we all must give thanks to the ones that protect our country from evil people that 
always want to do harm to us. Now onto today's blog entry of the day.
If you have followed with what Steve Jobs made as announcement at his last 
presentation. We all have been anxiously waiting for this new presentation that 
will be very much anticipated by everyone that has a Mac or iPhone or iPad. As 
is customary to much of these big announcements Steve Jobs will be making the 
announcement. One thing that certainly will not be announced that a new iPhone
will be coming out. But other greater things will be, do you want to get a 
heads up as to what it is? 
Here goes. They will finally unveil the new OS which is called Lion. Everyone
that is owner of a Intel Mac is anxious as to how it looks, and what features will
this new OS have. A new OS for the iPhone and iPad which will be called iOS 5 which
will be functioning with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Now the major thing that 
will be the thing that most people have been waiting for is this. 
The iCloud. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the name or they might change it 
up. But this what the people have been craving from Apple. Why? Well if you have 
read my blog a couple weeks back I had mentioned that Amazon had made a splash 
with their own cloud based service. And it was not going to take long before Apple
made a bigger splash. So on June the 6th they will finally unveil the iCloud or 
whatever name Steve Jobs and the gang come up with. As we all know to that Apple
wants to make a splash they make a splash. 
So we all will wait for June the 6th and see what noise does Apple make. And 
as you know I will bring you all the details to what happens on announcement 
day. So stay tuned. 

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