Buy PC get a Xbox 360, for real!

Happy Monday to everyone out there. We all know that is a day that we all 
dread. But it is here and we have to conquer this day and make it the best day 
possible. So put a smile on your face and make it best Monday possible. Now 
onto today's Monday entry. 
If you have read my blog from the beginning you might know that I'm not a fan 
of the PC computer. But I heard of this deal that might make me want to go out 
and get a PC right now. If you are heading out to school or thinking of going to 
school. Then you will want to hear this deal. It is a concept that is very simple
that even the most dumb person out there will understand, Buy a PC get a Xbox 360.
Just like that. 
Now there is a catch to the deal, like always there is a catch. First and foremost 
you have to have a working .edu email address. Second you have to purchase it 
through one the qualifying retailers they include,, and the 
official Microsoft website. Also you have to spend $699 or more on a laptop 
in order to qualify for the deal. And if you clear all those hurdles then you 
get the elusive Xbox 360 4Gb which if you buy it on your own runs for about 
200 dollars. But if you want to be playing online, well Microsoft doesn't hook
you up there you would have to buy your own membership.
The promotion started yesterday Sunday the 22nd and goes until September when 
kids are going back to school or when the stock is gone of 360's so go ahead 
and take advantage of this great deal. It is good for American, Canadian and 
French students. So USA students go and beat our foreign friends. Now Microsoft
wants to be known as the coolest laptop in college dorm rooms. And this will help. 
I will also include the links so you can take advantage of the deals on the 
various sites. 

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