Techy Bytes 04-29-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. A weekend that most people have been waiting 
for. Hopefully the weather will be changing for the best for everyone out there. 
Onto today's Techy Bytes. 
Hulu plus on XBox 360 - Starting today you can now access Hulu plus on your 
Xbox 360. And you can enjoy a free trial period that will be good starting 
tomorrow going until May the 6th. Now after the trial period there will be a 
fee for this service. Now you might be saying how much is it going to cost me?
Not much it is actually a very reasonable price. Only for the low low price 
of $7.99. It is comparable to Netflix which offers a $8 dollar fee for there
service. Now with this marriage of Hulu and Microsoft, there could be something 
incorporated with the Kinect so who knows what the future holds for us Xbox users. 
White iPhone is here - Yes you heard right. The much anticipated phone in many 
years has finally arrived. Like the white whale, the white iPhone has finally 
come to fruition. Now the question for many people there is this? Do I run out 
and get one? Or do I wait until the newer iPhone comes out? I personally would 
have to wait it out and see what the newer iPhone has. Because I know there will 
be people who rush out and get this phone but then later on Apple will announce 
that a new iPhone is out. And these same people who rushed out and got the white 
iPhone will be the same people who will be announcing to the world why? I want that
new phone. So wait it out guys. 

Sony Playstation network update - Guys on my blog on Monday I had said that you 
could see the network back in business by the end of this week, turns out that 
they are trying to secure everything and will take a week. So until next week you 
will be able to access the network. Now one thing I do advise everyone out there 
if you have entered any credit card information into the network just keep a close
eye on your credit card statements and hopefully they have not messed with your 
credit card information. Now what is Sony going to be giving to their customers 
once this problem is fixed? They are going to have to offer a big i'm sorry prize
to their customers and also say I'm sorry, which they have not done so at any 
time. So hopefully for every Playstation network user I hope that you guys get 
the network back because I know it is such a big hassle for everyone. So Sony 
get it together and deliver to your customers. 

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