Techy Bytes 04-15-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. This is a very exciting weekend for all of 
Chicago. Today Friday is an important game for the Blackhawks, they need to win 
tonight's game to come home and give the Canucks trouble. So good luck Blackhawks
tonight. GO HAWKS! And then on Saturday the journey begins for the Chicago Bulls 
and Derrick Rose. So let's hope that now that they have home court throughout the 
the playoffs. They need to make everyone out there that say they can't make it to 
the finals. Make them believe by sweeping the Pacers and then take care of business
at home. So GO BULLS! Now onto today's Techy Bytes. 
Cheaper Wii ?? - We all know that Nintendo has been the leader of the video game 
console wars. And everyone out there knows that they were the first to come out
with a motion control controller and now everyone else has followed suit. It is 
safe to assume that pretty soon they will launch a new version that will blow 
everyone's mind with what they might have in store. The website Engadget is 
saying that pretty soon they will offer the original Nintendo Wii will go down 
from $200 to $150 and that it could come as soon as May the 15th. This could help 
Nintendo in many ways because they are having a tough time getting the 3DS to everyone
that wants one. And maybe with a new release of games this could help in sales 
of the console and the new games. 
T-Mobile offers an unlimited plan? - T-Mobile is trying to attract new customers 
to their business by offering a limited time of an unlimited cell, text and data 
plan that will go for 80 dollars a month and also comes with a 2 year contract that's
nothing new. The web usage is good for 2 GB at normal data speeds. Also if you so 
happen to pass 2 GB of data you will still be able to access the data plan but at
lower speeds. T-Mobile states that the normal customer out there only uses about 
1 GB worth of data. So don't think to yourself well 2 GB is not enough for me. 
Apparently in their eyes it is enough. So we will see if more customers come 
T-Mobile's way or will they stay away and wait until they unite with AT&T. 
White iPhone coming.. - I know you might have read in some of my previous blogs that 
I had stated that the white iPhone was coming. Well now comes word that it finally
has a date and it is going to be released towards the end of April. Now all the people
that are craving the white iPhone must also use caution because if you are familiar 
with Apple, you know that when you purchase anything that a new version will come 
out and you are cursing them out for that move. So I will advise you that there 
is a rumor also out there that in June, Apple will be releasing a new version of the 
iPhone. So proceed with caution. If you are wanting the precious white iPhone 
which I know most of you guys might have said they are never releasing it. It almost
seemed like the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow. So good luck people that 
crave the white iPhone. 


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  • Happy Friday to you too :)

    Go Bulls and Go Hawks!

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