Techy Bytes 04-08-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. For anyone that is awaiting the warmer
weather you will be happy for this weekend when the 80's hit the thermometer but
there are weather reports that say that it could be a rainy weekend. But take 
advantage of this weekend. Because summer is just right around. Now we move onto 
today's Techy Bytes edition. 
ESPN live on your iPhone - We all know that the iPhone has an app for everything 
imaginable. And now comes word that ESPN the channel will be on the iPhone where 
you can watch the shows live on your iPhone. If your are intrigued by the idea 
of having games on your phone then here are some of the requirements. First and 
foremost the app is called ESPN mobile TV, are you expecting something more 
intriguing? Also it is a free app to download. Now here are some of the bad things.
In order for your to able to download this app and be able to watch the network 
on your phone, you need to subscribe to either Verizon FIOS, Time Warner Cable, or
Bright House. Though there is a talk that they want to expand to more providers. 
So I think that this a good idea for anyone who is stuck at the job and doesn't 
want to miss a game or a show. Also not only will it be the ESPN network but you can see the whole family networks of ESPN on your phone. So if you are a subscriber to any of the providers above go ahead and download the app and take advantage of this. 
Dish Network buys Blockbuster - Now if you have read my blog, you might remember 
when I mentioned that Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy and was on the verge of 
going to the waste side because of Netflix. There is word that Dish Network the 
2nd largest satellite provider has purchased Blockbuster video. This could be a 
big move for the company. Because this could help them offer On demand movies 
and with buying what was then a top provider of movies this could put Dish 
Network up there with Netflix and maybe Direct TV. So we will see what the future 
holds for Dish Network and if this a good purchase. 
Concussions featured on Madden video game - How many times have you heard from 
people that say that video games now a days seem so life like. There is now a 
new feature that is being added to the newest Madden NFL game and that is how 
you can suffer a concussion in the game and making it the most life like that it 
has ever been. If you remember this past season the concussion issue is a very 
hot button topic. And most people don't want this feature to be included into the 
video game. But my thing is why not? If you are going to make the game has life like 
as ever. Why not include that? I mean you include players getting injured and sometimes
being out for the season in a game.. I throw that question to you. Do you want this 
feature to include this phase of the game.
I also want to send a special shout out to Ms. Denise Gonzalez who provided 
the best customer service at the bank where I do business with and that is 
Oak Bank on Rush St here in Chicago. She explained an issue that I had and I want to thank her for that. I hope that she likes that I mentioned 
her name on my blog. I told her that I was going to make it a nice addition to the 
blog. And here it is.. 

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