Playstation Network down, can it get up??


Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday to get over, after a weekend
that included Earth Day and Good Friday and Easter this past Sunday make this
Monday a day where you are saying to yourself, do I have to go back to work??
But if you want to pay those bills then you have to get up and get to work. Now
onto today's blog entry.

As you may know by now, if you are a user of the Playstation network you might
know that ever since this past Wednesday this network has been shut down for the
past days. And it couldn't have come at a bad time for the video game company.
During a time when they launched Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and Socom U.S. Navy

The error happens anytime you try to access the network it just gives you
the user a error message. As to who may be the culprit of this Sony thinks that
it could be a outside person, but some of the hackers that hacked into the PS3
system before they said that they are not the ones responsible for this. Might it
be that it could be an inside issue at Sony and they don't want to blame anyone
in house?

But you know with these new games that were launched, like I mentioned it comes
at a bad time because one you now have to go back to playing games like the old
days referring to when you had to play against someone and they had to be present
in your house. As to when you have the network and you can play against someone
that is on the other side of the world.

For many of the users of this network they just want their network to be back
up and running. But could this affect Sony in the long run? I mean could users
of the console just say I don't want to experience this any longer and just dump
the PS3 and switch over to the XBox 360?

But for those users that are willing to wait it out a little longer. Here is some news that could come as good news for you. There is a rumor floating around the net that says that the network could be back as soon as Tuesday. So tune in and see if it happens.

And if it doesn't happen then I would flood Sony with angry e-mails and saying what are you guys over there doing? Because it is close to being a week since the network that is
down. So good luck users of the Playstation Network.


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  • Of course it's due to come back up while I'll be on vacation! Oh well, I guess it gives me time to miss it and play once I get back! Thanks for the info chicago techy!

  • No problem. It will hopefully come back by midweek. We will see.

  • In reply to Aarreola1003:

    as soon as i get goes down,but 2marow is my b day

  • In reply to tyrickjohnson13:

    There has not been an update as of yet. As to when it will come back online. I think they should fix it by the end of this week, or it could lose customers fast.

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