Nintendo Wii retiring??

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. And if you 
are in Chicago, you must be wondering when will the warm weather come? Because 
the last couple of days have been very dreary with rain, rain and some sun but 
the majority has been rain. It is like we are living in a rain forest. But hopefully
we can get over this period and then move to the warm weather which most people 
out there have been waiting for. Now onto today's topic.
If you have read my past blogs you might have noticed that I mentioned on one of 
my Techy Bytes entries that Nintendo was considering to make a new version of the 
Wii. Well a couple days ago made the official announcement that the Nintendo 
Wii would be retired in 2012 and that a new version would be coming out at the 
E3 convention. This is where all the important gaming consoles and game makers 
make their debut on new products that will be coming out. 
Now what is the new version going to be featuring? Well I think that if you are 
going to be making a new version of the Wii. Then you have to make it better than 
the PS3 and the Xbox 360. First you would have to make the console HD compatible. 
Faster processor, and since you were the first to incorporate player movement 
into games. Then you have to up the ante on that front. Better controllers. 
There are of course rumors floating on the net. First of all they think that they 
controller will somehow incorporate a touch screen. Which I can't see happening 
because how are you going to be touching a screen while watching a TV. So we will 
see when they make the announcement on June 7th-9th of 2011 and see what the final 
results of what Nintendo has come up with. So stay tuned. 

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