Techy Bytes 04-01-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. As you all know today is Techy Bytes day but 
for all the baseball fans out there. Today is opening day. Cubs go against the 
Pirates and Sox go against the Indians. But you know who I am going for today 
not the Sox but the Cubbies. I know I have my defects. Oh and also happy April 1st and April Fools day. But onto today's 3 topics. 
Skype goes to more places - Skype is going to your kids classroom, yes you heard
that right. Now teachers are getting the chance to use Skype and give their 
students a chance to interact with kids from all over the country and maybe the 
world. The teachers are going to have a directory of classrooms around the world
that have Skype and they can connect with that classroom and they can give the 
kids on each side of the country to learn about each other's culture. I will say 
this could have been useful for us when we were in school. We could have learned 
about cultures in Asia, Europe and beyond. So I applaud Skype and the classrooms 
that will be using this new form of communication. 
New Format on XBox games - As anyone who has used to play the role playing games 
that take a lot of memory, Xbox does not offer the same capacity of memory on their 
games as the PS3. Like take into account Mass Effect for Xbox 360 which 
which is played on 2 discs so they can fit all the game on those 2 discs. Now if 
you compare the same game on the PS3 the whole game was able to fit on 1 disc. 
If you have played Mass Effect on the 360 you know how it is a hassle to open 
the DVD tray over and over when you are playing this game. Now why does the PS3 
have the capability to put the whole game of Mass Effect on 1 disc, well because
Sony puts there games on Blu-Ray Discs and they are able to use up to 50 GB 
of storage. So in that aspect I would lean towards the PS3 system if I was a big 
hardcore gamer like playing Mass Effect of Call of Duty: Black Ops. But there are 
in talks to see how they can fix this problem. We will see what they come up with.
Nintendo 3DS breaks records - It comes as no surprise that the Nintendo 3DS has 
broken records of selling their new portable device. No numbers have been released
as to how many devices have been sold here in the U.S. Now the question that is 
being thrown around is now that Nintendo has started a craze of putting 3D 
in a portable device might they incorporate it into the Nintendo Wii? But the 
head of Nintendo says that they will not be changing anything to their Nintendo 
Wii. Now as you might have read one of my first blogs before. I am not a fan of 
3D being featured in movies. And I don't see the point of incorporating into our 
games. Even though it is nice to not be able to wear glassed and look all dorky 
wearing the glasses. But I still remember back to 80's and how it was cool to 
do 3D in books, tv shows and anything. And then it went away. I just hope that 
everyone that bought a 3D TV that they can enjoy it for a long time. So we will 
see what Nintendo does and the other console makers?

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