Techy Bytes 03-25-2010

Happy Friday to everyone out there. We are going to be discussing 2 topics 
that everyone must know about or if you don't you will know after today and 
you will feel enlightened. As many of my fellow readers know when it is Friday
it is Techy Bytes Friday. So off we go. 
Blackberry Playbook released - As you may know by now the company known as 
RIM aka Blackberry has officially released there own answer to the iPad craze 
that is taking over the world. The Blackberry Playbook is priced at the same 
price as the iPad, starting with the 16 GB version at $499 and the 32 GB at 
$599 and the 64 GB at $699. The following stores will have the device on hand 
on April 19th and they are Radio Shack, Staples, and Office Depot. The big 3 
in the wireless business are also going to have the device and they are Verizon,
AT&T and Sprint. Now my point of view is this. If they make this device for everyone
to use it is fine and all. But from what I have read on the device. They are 
tailoring the device for the business user just like when they first released 
their first Blackberry phone. So we will see if RIM takes a bite out of the 
apple when they launch their device. 
Happy Birthday Mac OSX - If you have owned a Mac computer during your time you
may be familiar with the Mac OSX which is the equivalent to the Microsoft Windows
software. The Mac OSX first made it's debut on March the 24th 10 years ago. When 
they released the first version of the OSX it was referred to as "Puma" and ever 
since then every version of the OSX has been referred to as a cat hence the new 
version which will be released during the summer with the name "Lion" and that 
version which everyone is anticipating is referred to as the "Back to the Mac"
what that means is that they want to incorporate stuff that is on the iPhone 
and iPad and bring that to the Mac. So we will see when it's released how the 
new OSX reacts to the computer. Hopefully it doesn't bring down the Mac computer

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