Techy Bytes 03-18-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. A weekend that might have started early for 
some of you. As you may know yesterday was St. Patricks Day. And as they say 
everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day and you might have a good time last night 
so hopefully you can enjoy the weekend the same as yesterday. But now onto 
today's Techy Bytes. 
Facebook goes to the Major Leagues - Now as you might have read on my blog 
from last week. You might have read that Warner Bros or Batman the Dark Knight 
was coming to Facebook. Well now comes word that Major League Baseball is uniting 
with the number one social networking site to bring the last few weeks of spring 
training games to your computer screen. Now here is how it all goes if you want 
to watch the games. You will be directed to a site to sign up for a free account
and that will let you watch the games until the end of the month, now here is the 
catch. If you want to keep watching you will have to pay $120 dollars. Now there 
are discussions with Facebook officials if they want to keep offering the service 
for free. Youtube is in talks with the NBA and NHL to let them stream live games 
towards the end of the month. And Apple TV is already streaming NBA and MLB games 
for subscribers of each sport. So is it that streaming games is the new way to 
watch games? 
Be good and donate an iPad - Now you might be saying why? Well let me tell you 
why you should. Now if you own an iPad 2 and have an old iPad that you don't want 
anymore. There is a chance to donate it to an organization called Teach for America.
Now this is how it all works. You take that old iPad to your local Apple store 
and they will then donate it to the organization, where they will see that 
children in low income areas are taught with an iPad just like in the high 
and middle income areas. And we all have read articles on how the iPad has helped
students learn and also helps the teacher demonstrate various lessons on the iPad. 
So if you haven't sold that old iPad, here is your chance to do something good 
for someone. 

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