T-Mobile joins AT&T

Happy Monday to everyone out there. You may have heard on the news that Spring 
started yesterday, but if you are living in Chicago you should almost know that 
winter is still not done in our city. So don't think about making plans to 
do some BBQ in the backyard yet. You know that if we see a day that is in the 
70's the next day it could drop and then that's when the people get sick. Just 
be careful and don't ahead of yourselves. Now onto today's topic. 
Late breaking news that just made news in the tech world on Sunday. If you are 
a customer of the following companies you will say what? T-Mobile and AT&T are 
uniting forces to become a bigger company. But as with most things AT&T will 
be taking the reins of T-Mobile. The transaction will cost AT&T 39 billion 
dollars to purchase T-Mobile. It includes T-Mobile USA in cash and stock 
transaction. They is word that people will see an improved network for 
294 million customers. 
There will be improved voice quality on phone calls because of increased cell 
towers and more network capacity. Now this adds to the fuel will a T-Mobile 
iPhone be far behind? We wil see what happens. So tune in. 
So in closing if your are a T-Mobile customer prepare to have more people to 
be able to talk to for free when AT&T customers join you. So we will see when 
all this ends up signed sealed and delivered. 

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