Nintendo 3DS has arrived!

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. We always say
that Monday's are the toughest days of the week. But we have to put on a smile 
on our faces so we can have a great week. Now onto today's topic. 
If you have kept up with my blog, you might have read a few months back that 
at a conference that Nintendo had announced that they were going to release 
a new DS system and it is going to be called the Nintendo 3DS that will involve
the incorporation of 3D in your games. It was released on Sunday, which is a 
kind of weird release date. But for any diehards of Nintendo they were waiting 
in line to get their hands on the 3DS. 
What is very revolutionary of this device. If you have ever been watching a 3D 
movie you know very well that you need to be wearing special 3D glasses but the 
cool thing about this device is that you don't need to wear any weird or special 
glasses to be able to play the games in 3D. 
Nintendo hopes that this device will be able to take away some of Apple's 
thunder in the gaming world. Now the device is priced at $250 which is about 
double the price of the original DS. The games which will run for about 40 dollars.
Now there is talk from some people that those prices are too high for a gaming 
device on the go. If you want to take some of the thunder from Apple you would 
need to make the games prices lower in price. 
But that will not stop the kids out there from telling their parents that they 
want to get a Nintendo 3DS. If you are not able to get your hands on one during 
this summer. You as the parent will be on the hunt for a 3DS during the christmas 
rush. Now there are some restrictions of the gameplay of the device. Now it is 
not recommended for kids in the ages of 7 and under. But for the kids above the 
age of 7. You don't want to be playing for long periods of time on the system 
because you would need to take some breaks because it could affect your eyes. So 
be very careful.
So we will see how the internet will react to this new device arriving and will 
more people be running towards Ebay to get their hands on this device or will they
wait a while until the craze dies down. We will see and good luck to everyone out 
there and hopefully you are able to get your hands on this device. 

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