iPad 2 is here!

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. Just be 
safe everyone if you are going to be out and about this weekend. And also try to 
make it to Monday. Which we all know sucks. But it has to be done. Now onto 
today's topic. As all my fellow readers know by now that Friday's tend to be 
the techy bytes edition of my blog, but today it will all be dedicated to Apple's
newest creation. 
Now what are the differences between the 2 devices? Well first and foremost if 
you see the iPad 2 it will look like the first generation device. It has the same 
size screen which is 9.7 inch. It is a third thinner than the previous version. 
And the one thing that all users wanted implemented into the new device was the 
frontal camera and we all were granted our wishes. Now it has a dual processor 
which makes it faster than the original. 
With the additions of the frontal camera you can know have video conference calls 
from your iPad 2. And now with the rear camera it has the capability of taking 
HD video. Also it has the same battery life as the original iPad. They will both 
be available on the AT&T and Verizon networks. It also comes with accessories, of 
course there are accessories. The accessories include an attachment that you can 
add to this iPad and the previous version and connect it to a tv and you can sync 
what is on your iPad, so if you are playing a game you can see it on the tv, if 
you are showing off pictures you can do it on the tv but you get the idea of what 
you are able to see on the tv now. One thing I really don't agree with what is being
called the Smart Covers. First and foremost I have to say that for the price that 
they are selling this you can get more better stuff. This Smart Cover is suppose
to cover the iPad screen and if you slightly open it the iPad will react. Now 
my thing is this aren't you able to do the same with a sheet of paper or bed sheet?
I challenge anyone reading my blog to do that experiment and post it here on 
Now some of the details they will be releasing a new iOS when the iPad is released
next week on March 11. It will be iOS 4.3. It will be coming out in two colors
black and white. Hopefully the white iPads are released on time and not held back 
like the white iPhone. Although they have said that the white iPad's will be available
on day one. The starting point in terms of price for the device are $499
and goes up depending on what size of memory you are looking for. 
There will also be new apps available when the iPad is released. The new apps are
are Photobooth where you can take photos of yourself or of friends using the 
frontal camera. Facetime which is used for the video conferencing and use it if the
other person has an iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPod touch, and also if the person has a 
Mac with a camera. iMovie is also on the iPad 2 meaning that you can edit movies 
on your iPad. GarageBand will also be available meaning that you can create your 
own music on the iPad. 
Overall I am impressed with the new device and like Steve Jobs mentioned that this 
will be year of the iPad 2. Also I would to advise people that may have purchased
there iPad's recently. You have a chance to return the device, if it falls within 
the 14 day return policy and they will grant you a $100 refund. And then you 
can use the extra money to purchase your new iPad 2. Just an idea. 

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