Illinois vs Amazon who wins?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to climb and get over the hump and then the rest of the week should be a breeze. Today's topic will be 
a discussion on a topic that affects everyone that shops online on one of the top websites on the net. 
We all must have read from various publications of how state governments are being affected by budget concerns and are trying to find ways to get some more 
money to stave off any drastic measures. One website has been evading the collection of taxes from customers that now there are being forced to collect taxes in Illinois. 
Governor Pat Quinn signed into law that online retailers must work with affiliates in his state to collect taxes on purchases made by residents of Illinois. Now
I have purchased stuff from Amazon and never have once noticed that Amazon didn't charge state taxes. I have always purchased stuff online and have always seen 
how various sites would ask you to submit your area and they would figure out the tax in your area. 
Now Amazon states that it plays by the rules. And that the only sites that need to charge tax online are the ones that have a brick and mortar store in the area
where they are located. Meaning if you are purchasing something from and if there is a store in your state then you would be charged tax on whatever
you purchase. Now there are cases that help out Amazon like in the case of Quill corporation vs North Dakota in 1992. It states that online retailers and mail order companies can sell products without collection tax. 
Now I heard some time back that you are suppose to report any purchases that you make online on your taxes when you file. Residents are suppose to report their 
purchases on their state taxes. But most people don't do so. 
There are other retailers that also have a presence online that are applauding the effort from states. Like for example Sears, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and 
Wal-Mart are happy that Amazon will now be collecting taxes from customers. They all feel that they should all be on an even playing field. 
But my feelings are with Amazon and that if they don't have a presence in the state then they should not obligated to charge taxes on the purchases that my 
customers make. Now Amazon does say that they could move from various states that pass this type of law. What do you think fellow techy heads? Is the state 
of Illinois doing us a favor or hurting us? 

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