Clouds everywhere!

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over and then the rest of the week, should be a breeze. Now onto today's topic of the day. It is something that will be invading our computers soon. And maybe will be making our lives easier on the computer. 
As owners of computers know that viruses are always invading computers and damaging the memories that we have on our hard drives. And we all know that if it invades our computers there are times when we lose them and we can't get them back. We will be crying for days, months. But there seems to be some saviors coming to our rescue. 
The first in a long line of cloud services that will be invading our computers. 
This past Tuesday came word that Amazon will be offering a service called Amazon cloud player. What this service offers is if you never back up your music, you can now have access to the Amazon cloud player. But here is the thing that makes this thing cooler. Not only is it used for music but you can use it for movies, pictures, documents and whatever else you would like to be stored in the cloud. 
Here are some of the requirements for using this service. You would just need a computer with a browser which everyone who owns a computer has. Then if you have that then what Amazon offers for beginners to the service is 5 GB worth of storage which is free of charge. But if you want 20 GB of storage then you would have to purchase a whole album on Amazon. And if you want more storage after that then you would have to pay a dollar a GB after that. 
Not only is this available on the web but you can also use it from your Android phone or tablet. And you can also do the same stuff that you do on your computer to load stuff on the cloud as you can from your tablet or cell phone. 
But as with anything that anyone does there will be other companies lining up 
to make their cloud bigger, and better. There is word that Apple and Google 
are working on their own cloud service. So we will see when and where this is 
going to be announced and what the difference between each cloud is and which is better for the casual user. 
So overall I think that this service is highly recommendable. So if your a 
Android user or buy music off of the Amazon site use it. But I would wait it 
out and see what Apple and Google does and see if it is better. See you on Friday for our usual Techy Bytes edition. 

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