Angry Birds meets Facebook

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. But for all 
catholics out there today is Ash Wednesday and lent begins where if you are not 
familiar with the tradition you don't eat any meat on Ash Wednesday and also
every Friday until Easter Sunday. But I'm not going to go much into detail 
because that is not what my blog is all about. Today's topic is about a 
game that is going to invading us everywhere we go. 
All people that own a smartphone are familiar with the game called Angry Birds. 
It all involves a group of pigs and hence the name a fleet of angry birds, and the 
object is that you have to kill off the pigs that are in the levels. So who 
knew that a game with that storyline would get as many fans as they have. The 
exact numbers are staggering. Take into account that 75 million people on nearly
all mobile gaming platforms. After the numbers that I mentioned, you would think 
that the company would just say we have reached everyone we needed to get to. 
One of the creators talked and said in order for any game to be popular in this 
day and age they have to be sold at 99 cents, that way everyone can have 
an opportunity to purchase at a very reasonable price. But you can't argue with 
the success that this company has gotten for a simple game. 
What other avenue do you think they can conquer that they have not conquered? 
Well it turns out that they want to bring the game to your computer screen they 
want to bring it to Facebook. Yes! You heard that right Facebook where the number 
one games on Facebook are Farmville, and Mafia Wars now they have to make room 
for Angry Birds. 
Now if you remember to one of my blogs back I said that they creators wanted to 
bring the game to your console and that still is on schedule. They will be 
available on Xbox 360 and Wii consoles. So stay tuned to when they release the 
games. Now all this new avenue does is that won't need to take out your smartphone
or your table to play the game. Now you can just turn on your computer and play
on there and in the future just turning on your video game console. 

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