A new Little Village?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. We move 
onto today's topic. I am going to be stepping away the techy blog for a day 
and write about a topic that I experienced this past weekend. And I think that 
everyone out there should know. 
This past Saturday my brother in law Michael D. Rodriguez who is executive
director of the Enlace organization. What this organization does it provides 
services to the little village community. So as I was mentioning this Saturday 
he organized a gathering of people within the community to get together and talk 
about the topics within our community. What was discussed were the following 
topics of education, community development, sports, immigration. And there was 
also a Q and A section with Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle, 22nd ward 
alderman Ricardo Munoz and Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia. 
It was a very nice event that we all learned about different topics that we never 
knew was happening in our community. They mentioned that there will be a new 
traffic light installed on the 27th block of Pulaski Rd. 
But there is where my observation comes into play. Even though the installation 
of that traffic light is fine. There needs to be more traffic lights installed 
at other areas of Little village. Like for example there needs to be on installed 
on 31st and Harding, the reason I mention this is because one there is a lot of 
people that cross that street to just get to a restaurant and they have to wait 
for the oncoming traffic to stop for them. Another spot that needs a traffic light 
is the 30th and Pulaski spot there is a bus stop there that leaves riders and in
order to cross that street they also have to wait for oncoming traffic to stop. 
Another topic that I thought would be nice to bring up and I think if the Little 
Village neighborhood wants to move to a new generation they need to implement some 
new stores. Now first and foremost I think why should certain areas of the city 
have a Wal-Mart in their area and not here in Little Village. I think that it would
be a nice addition to the community, even a Target store would be a nice addition. 
Another idea that I think that could be a good addition is the bringing of a 
supermarket to the community. Now there are a couple supermarkets here. But they 
are not in the same league as Jewel's or Dominicks. It would give the community 
a new store to look to and not just rely on the usual supermarkets. 
Those are my ideas. If you have any questions about what I have mentioned above
you can contact me on you contact page. And I will more than gladly answer any 
questions that you may have. 

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