Techy Bytes 02-25-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. If you are from Chicago and reading this 
right now. Then you must know that we got some snow on the ground today not 
like the great blizzard of 2011. But still you have to go out and use the shovel. 
Now onto Friday's daily special the Techy bytes edition. 
New Apple computers hitting stores -  As we all know whenever you buy a product from 
Apple there is a chance that by 6 months or a year after you buy the product the 
computer or device that you own will not be relevant. Apple announced on Thursday 
a new complete line of Macbook Pro computers. So what is new with the new computer 
line, well first and foremost they come prepared with a even faster processor then 
the ones that they had before. They now have the new Quad Core CPU's this is first
time that they have incorporated it into the entire Macbook Pro line. Now we all 
who deal with computers know that the quad processor is not going to use all 
4 processors but it will use only 2 processors, now what Intel has done is when 
this happens they have Intel Turbo's Boost 2.0 which when they the other 2 
processors are not in use it will still increase the speed of the computer. 
Now a new connection that is included in the computer is the Thunderbolt/mini display 
connection which is being talked about being the replacement for the USB 3.0 and 
will offer a faster connection. And as always the starting point of the entry 
level computer is pricy but very reliable my friends. It starts at $1,199 and 
goes up if you want a faster computer. 
iPad 2 coming out on March 2nd - We all say this coming and now see it on the 
horizon. If you saw the news Wednesday night. You might have heard that Apple 
is going to have an event on March the 2nd in San Francisco. And they sent out 
invitations just revealing a peek at the iPad. We all have heard the rumors 
from various publications and even on here. That the iPad 2 will be thinner and 
will include the frontal camera that will allow people to have video conferences 
on their iPad 2. So we will see how the iPad 2 looks. So tune in for my blog 
when the announcement is made public, I will then have the complete details. 

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