Techy Bytes 02-18-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. And even 
though this weekend is not going to be like the week that we all had where temps 
were in the 60's and 50's they will be in the 30's but at least it is not going 
to be below zero temps or snowing. Onto today's Techy Bytes 
Borders closes stores - We all have known that most of the stores nowadays are 
shutting because they couldn't compete with technology and that is exactly what 
happened here with the Borders stores. First and foremost when Amazon made it's 
e-reader because they knew what was going to be happening if they wanted to stay 
relevant in this marketplace. But Borders stood by and hoped that they could stave
off the dangers around them. Now they will be shutting down 5 Chicago area stores 
down and it will cost 174 employees their jobs. And in the suburbs they it will 
cost 292 employees. Now they did close down the Michigan Ave Borders store so now 
the only Borders store will only be on State St. I just want to wish everyone that 
is going to be losing their jobs that they will find another one soon and maybe 
even a better job than the one you had before. Be positive guys! 
Robot beats humans - Yes a computer is able to beat a human at a game of Jeopardy.
As you might have read a couple blogs ago. I had mentioned that this week Jeopardy
was going to feature a game between Watson the computer against Ken Jennings the 
all time winner of games on Jeopardy and Brad Rutter another big time winner. The 
only drawback that the computer had during the 3 day tournament was for a Final 
Jeopardy game on day 2 the question was "which city's largest airport is named 
after a World War II hero and second largest after a World War II battle". While
the humans answered Chicago the computer answered Toronto. And as we all know 
the largest airport is O'hare here in Chicago. But that didn't wrong answer didn't 
affect the computer in the 3 day tournament was still able to beat those humans. 
So overall I still wouldn't take on a computer if it is a game that is trivial. 

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