Techy Bytes 02-12-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. I just want to say that if you are in Chicago
right now and have experienced for the past few days the cold spell that we have
been under. Well my friends there is a relief coming to us this weekend and heading
into next week. So for all the people that wanted some hot weather. As we all know 
here in Chicago if it hits 30 degrees that is our heatwave. But in the next couple
days there will be 30's and maybe next week as high as 40 and maybe even 50's. So 
stay tuned. Moving on I will be presenting my Techy Bytes blog with 2 news makers 
that made news during the week. 
There is an app for that? - As we all know there is an app for everything, you can 
have an app that helps you out on your daily workout, game apps, watching sports, 
doing taxes, listening to the radio on your phone, getting weather updates and now 
there is a new addition to the app business. You may have heard the news that 
there is a new app where you can go to confession on your phone without even 
stepping in to church. The app is called "Confession - a Roman Catholic app" the 
vatican came out with a announcement saying there is no app that can replace going 
to church in person. Now as I was writing this I was thinking what will be the next
thing to come out as an app? Maybe if you can't attend church on Sunday's there 
could be a church streaming your phone. It could happen think about it. 
HP coming back - HP announced that it would be releasing soon a tablet computer 
that is similar to the iPad. The only differences that it has lighter and 
has a 9.7 inch screen. It also gives you the chance to video conference with your
buddies. It will be released during the summer. When it is released during the summer
it will come with WiFi. With the 3G and 4G version coming later. They also announced
a new phone that is very small like a credit card and it is called the Veer. It 
has a slide out keyboard and also will be available during the spring and they 
also announced another phone Pre 3 it is similar to the iPhone and also has the 
the slide out keyboard and will be released during the summer as well. 

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