Techy Bytes 02-04-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. If you are living in the Chicago area and 
reading my blog today. You probably have truly survived the great Chicago blizzard
of 2011. It was like a blizzard like none other that we have experienced. First 
of all it not just the snowfall that made it bad, the high winds and gusts made 
it feel like you were in one of those Hollywood movies. After the storm came the 
cleaning up period and that was the hard part because there was so much snow that 
was blown around that it felt like you would never finish shoveling the snow. But 
now the tough part is now in the cities hands, to clean the main roads which is 
always there main objective and then the side roads and then the alleys. So we will 
see when the city gets back to normal. Now onto today's Techy Bytes. 
Angry Birds go to the Superbowl? - Yes you heard that right. The famous app on 
the planet will be featured in a Superbowl commercial. 20th Century Fox will be
releasing on Sunday an ad featuring the movie Rio along with the commercial the 
ad will have an embedded code this code will give users an opportunity to get a 
new level to the Angry Birds game, this is all part of the partnership between 
Fox and Rovio. The will also be releasing a brand new angry birds game on March
22nd featuring the Rio character alongside the angry birds. For those that just 
want to just get the code and not watch the entire football game the commercial 
will come out during the 4th quarter of the game. So tune in to watch the commercial. 
Here come the 4G phones - As we all know the new thing in cell phone technology 
is the new speed the 4G. So now the competition is getting a little bit of 
advantage releasing their new 4G phones. AT&T and T-Mobile will be be releasing 
their new phones with the new speed. AT&T will be releasing on February 13th a 
brand new phone called the HTC Inspire 4G it features a 1GHz processor and is 
priced at a very reasonable price of $99 with a 2 year contract. The phone runs a
Android 2.2 operating system and can act as a mobile hotspot. T-Mobile will be 
releasing also a 4G phone later this month called the Samsung Galaxy S 4G it will 
also run the same operating system as the HTC mentioned above and also a 1GHz 
processor but no price or firm release date have been announced. 

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