New phones coming!

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. Everyone 
who is reading this and living in Chicago must be really enjoying this really 
nice weather, but as we all know by now. One day you will be enjoying nice temps
and then the next day you will have to break out your winter coat. Onto today's
topic of discussion. 
As we all may have seen during the superbowl there was a commercial showing off 
the new creation from Sony, what we called as the Playstation phone but it turns 
out that the phone will be called Xperia Play. This phone will be released during
the month of March. It features an HD screen on the top and your regular 
Playstation controls on the bottom and also trigger buttons. The phone when it 
launches will have 50 games available. Some of the games that are included are
Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero and Dead Space. The company that will have the 
exclusive Xperia is Verizon. Now will this phone be able to compete against the 
Nintendo 3DS or the all mighty iPhone? 
We all know that the latest and greatest stuff always comes from Apple. There 
is a rumor floating around the internet right now. Saying that will be releasing 
a cheap iPhone to be able to compete against the Android phones that come at lesser
price. It is a smaller size than the regular iPhone and that the home button has 
been removed from the small iPhone. Now another rumor being floated around is 
that iPhone would get a slide out keyboard. I truly don't believe that they would 
not have this as one of their iPhones. I think that if you want to keep a hold 
on the smartphone market. You need to offer a phone that is cheap but does the 
same stuff as the original. Why are you going to have one phone do one thing 
and then the other doesn't do the same. Plus if they want to compete against the 
Android phones they all offer touch screen capabilities or some sort touch screen. 

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