New age of Job Fairs?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. We have 
experienced here in Chicago a new age of politics and we are changing mayors 
or maybe until April. But that is not what we are here to talk about today. I 
am going to be talking about something that is a new revolution in the age of 
We all know in these times where there are a lot of people that are left without
work there are a ton of people that will be going to job fairs. But what I 
experienced on Tuesday was something that should be implemented by many more 
organizations that organize job fairs. What do you think of doing a job fair 
over the internet? 
That is what happened yesterday with the Chicago Tribune Virtual Job Fair. 
First and foremost the process is as follows. Like with any job fair you have 
to register yourself for the fair. Entering all of your info including your resume. 
So that employers and get a first hand look at what you can bring to the company.
Then as if you are going to be chatting with people online you choose the way 
the employers can look at you via a picture that you can incorporate or one that 
is included with the site. Then you can also include and social network sites that 
you are incorporated into for example Twitter or if you have any IM screen names 
you could enter it to the site. 
So then the cool part of the job fair was that you didn't have to dress in your 
best clothes to present yourself to the employers. You could just be in your 
pajamas and apply for various jobs. Chicago Tribune was included in the job 
fair offering a variety of jobs and some other participants are a division of 
T-Mobile and Mount Sinai and Just Energy. 
So I just wonder if many more companies will follow through with this new 
avenue of job fairs? In my opinion I think that you can get more people, 
and also you can interact with many more companies than if you were to attend
an actual job fair. Because many times there might be a long line for a certain
employer and you don't want to wait in line. So now here you can just see via 
the chat window what opportunities they have available and where they are located.
So we will see what happens in the future. 

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