iPhone 4 Verizon edition

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. After today 
is over the rest of the week should be a breeze. If you are in Chicago right now 
you must know that we are experiencing a arctic blast of cold air in which temps 
drop below zero. So if you are going to be trekking outside during these coming 
days just remember to bundle up and do not leave any skin exposed for a long 
period of time. So now we move onto to today's topic.
As we may have seen from the various commercials on tv and if you have been 
reading my blog you may have known that Verizon was going to be obtaining the 
iPhone 4. So everyone that was a fan of the phone but could not get one because 
they were with Verizon now can not say that they can't get it. Because it is now
available to purchase from Verizon.
We all know how when the first iPhone was going to be released. There was long 
lines almost around the block of your local AT&T store. And that is what has 
happened here when the iPhone 4 was released on the Verizon network. The first 
day that it was released on the Verizon network, it sold out of every phone that 
was available. Verizon enjoyed it's best sales of any smartphone that they have 
on there phone lineup even the Droid and Droid X have not enjoyed the sales that 
the Apple iPhone 4 enjoyed. 
In only 2 hours of when they launched the phone they were sold more phones then they
could imagine. If you head to the Verizon website you need to be online at 
3:01 am EST on February 9th or if you don't want to wake up at that time you 
need to be in line at your local Verizon wireless store at 7:00 am on February 10 
to get your hands on the phone. If you are one of the few that were able to get a 
pre-order then I congratulate you. 
People are not complaining about the phone. First and foremost the phone does not 
drop calls like the AT&T version. But one thing that I mentioned on one of my 
past blogs, the Verizon iPhone won't be able to handle multi-tasking where the 
AT&T version can. It all goes back to the technology that AT&T offers is different
than what Verizon offers. So it is all left up to the user of what he or she 
wants to use. 
I have included the link which is above if you want to get your hands on the phone. 

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