Free Wifi available for the U.S???

Happy Monday to everyone out there. If you are living in Chicago right now 
and are experiencing the weather that we have these last couple of days and what 
is coming this week is just a prize that we receive for the blizzard that we 
experienced a couple weeks back. We move onto today's topic of discussion. 
As we all have experienced here in the U.S. since Barack Obama came into office 
he has brought upon him a change to the nation. He has brought some new laws into 
effect and there was some laws that came into effect late into last year. But one 
thing that he hopes to bring to fruition is the idea of spreading wireless
internet to the whole nation. He says that this is essential for the recovery
of the countries economy. 
Now if you remember a few years back Richard Daley wanted to bring to the whole 
city of Chicago the ability to connect to the cities wi-fi connection but that 
never materialized. The only way you can find free wi-fi is if you go to your 
local library, if you go to a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. But it would be so 
cool if the whole city would have free wi-fi available. Now this is kind of the 
idea behind what Mr. Obama is trying to get passed. 
He mentions that this is not just about going on the internet and connecting with 
people on Facebook, this would help people anywhere from New York city, to Iowa
and Arkansas in the most rural towns. Now when he did his speech for the State 
of the Union he wants to have the wi-fi available to 98% of the nation within 
5 years. Now with everything that Barack wants he now has to go through the 
Republican party to be able to achieve his goals. 
This plan that I have mentioned about will be included in his budget for this 
When he made the announcement of his plan he went to Marquette, Michigan it is 
city of 21,000 people on Lake Superior in the upper part of Michigan. He also 
went to the University of Northern Michigan now this school has worked very hard
to expand wireless access to the university and it's surrounding areas. Now for the 
past 10 years the university has given a new laptop to every incoming freshman.
So we will see if Mr. Obama gets his wish and expands the wi-fi to the whole 

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