Apple is tightening their hold on the App store

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. I just want to say to everyone reading this
right now and are in Chicago. I hope you are enjoying this snow day for everyone 
and if your not lucky and had to go out into the blizzard of 2011 then good luck 
and more power to you. I will try to capture some images of what I see after today.
Now we move onto today's topic. 
Apple like always is tightening up the rules of what goes on in their App store. 
NY Times is reporting that Apple is making it clear to Sony that they can not 
offer their Sony Reader app and letting them purchase e-books from the Sony 
e-reader site. What Apple wants if you are to offer an app and you want to the 
customer to purchase e-books, they have to purchase the books through the iBooks
app available in their store. 
For example Amazon also has a Kindle app available in the app store now they 
want to state the app doesn't offer the e-books in order for you to purchase 
the books you need to access their store on the web. Now Apple is stating that 
if you are offering an app for e-readers that they need to make purchases within 
the app and not give you another option on a website and if you do offer the 
option that Apple states then you have to fork over 30 percent of the sales 
the app makes. At this moment this only applies to e-book purchases. 
We all know that Apple has made money through their hardware sales. But I think 
that this could be a change in thinking from Apple. Because they also see 
that you make serious cash in app business and they are money hungry and want all 
the cash that they can possibly get. Many people might say why can't you just the 
maker of the app get all the money possible. But if you using an avenue to offer
your service then you also have to compensate the company that gives you the chance
to sell the app. 

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