American Idol meets Facebook

Happy Monday to everyone out there. I will be talking about a topic that if the 
numbers that are being put out there on a constant year basis are true then the 
numbers will be expanding to an ever more higher rate. 
What I am talking about is how Facebook will now be incorporating into the voting 
process of American Idol. To everyone who has seen American Idol you might 
have noticed that in the finals of the competition they are always mentioning how 
20 million people voted. Well now just imagine how many more people are going to 
be voting once the competition starts and now you get another avenue to vote in 
and that is Facebook. 
The process is quite simple first and foremost you need to have a Facebook account 
in order to take part in the voting process and then you ar allowed to vote 
50 times online for that night's performance. And it all begins this Tuesday. 
As in past seasons of Idol you are still allowed to vote via text message and 
also calling in to the toll free number provided by the show. All you need to do 
in order to take advantage of the online voting process is go to the American
site and then log on into your Facebook account and then you just choose who you 
want to stay on the show. 
Another show that is also implementing the Facebook voting process is the new show
that Simon Cowell is also debuting soon called the X Factor. Now the question that 
I say is hopefully America gets it right when they vote for their American Idol 
remember we did have a Sanjaya go through and where did that end up? Well he did 
have a crazed fan who cried for him while he was singing during one night of the 
competition. Anyone who knew about singing, would've just said what is wrong with
the girl. 
But hopefully everything works out for American Idol and X Factor and they get 
the proper person to win the competition. Good luck everyone that is going to be
competing and just rock it out. 

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