The Mac App store open for business

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another week to get over, I just hope that 
today you have the best day possible. As we all know that Monday's aren't always 
the best. But today might be a different day. So get up and enjoy today you might 
not know what is around the corner but it could a good thing. Now onto today's topic.
As you might have noticed on most of my blogs. I have mentioned quite a few times 
the greatness of the Apple brand. On how their products are easy to use right out 
of the box, and that you rarely have any hassles with their products. But there
are some people out there that will say otherwise. 
But today's topic will not be all about the marvelous world of Apple. But as we all 
know Apple announced on it's last presentation of products that it was going to 
launch a App Store for the computer users. If you have used an iPhone or and iPad 
or iPod touch you may see that they have the App store included in those devices. 
And that is where you go to shop for games, applications for your devices. 
So they noticed how it was so easy for anyone to use. And it is very affordable for 
your everyday user. I mean the App store gives any one who wants to go buy a 
video game a new store to do it in and at a lower price. When you normally buy a 
game at any electronics for 20 to 40 bucks, you can get a game in the App store 
for about 5 to 10 bucks. Take into account the popular game of Madden it could be as 
much as 50 bucks to purchase the game for your Xbox or PS3. But if you want to 
purchase it to play on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it is way lower than the version
to play on the console system of your choice. Now the graphics are not the same 
as the console but if you want to keep your kids entertained it is good enough. 
But as I was mentioning beforehand the App Store just gives program makers another 
avenue to sell their software. So when Apple announced that it was launching an 
App store for computer users I thought it was kind of not a good thing. But as we 
all have come to notice with Apple they will only announce stuff when they hit a 
certain mark that your average consumer will say "wow". 
Well the store officially launched this past Thursday January 6th everyone was raving
about the store. And then came word on Friday that the users officially downloaded 
stuff one million times on the first day of operation of the store. So they can say 
that it was a booming success. And I can say that I got a look into the store 
and I can say that it is a very good addition to the Mac computer line. And I would 
not be surprised if more program makers join the App store to sell their programs. 
The only company that didn't join in the hoopla of the first day was Microsoft. But 
I can imagine that Apple and Microsoft will engage in talks to see how they can 
offer their Office suite to users. It will be only a matter of time before they 
succumb to the success that Apple enjoys in the App store and unites with them again.
But overall I have to say that once again Apple has struck gold on one of their 
creations. And I applaud their good work again. 

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