Techy Bytes 01-28-11

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another start to another weekend. For us 
guys and some ladies as well it is one more week until the super bowl. Many 
of us here in Chicago will be rooting against the Packers who beat the Bears 
last Sunday. And there are some that just watch the game because of the commercials
and I hear that this year there will be a commercial featuring Justin Bieber 
and Ozzy Osbourne the most oddest combo but it might turn out to be a funny 
commercial we will have to tune in and see. Now onto today's Techy Bytes 
Sony new portable device - Sony made an announcement yesterday that they 
will be releasing during the next holiday season a new portable device. As we 
most all know the Sony PSP has fallen behind in the race against the iPhone and 
iPad for playing games on the go. The new device will be called the "Next Generation
Portable" It will be a very thick device almost brick like it will feature a 
5 inch display with four times the resolution of the PSP it has a touch pads 
on the front and rear of the device and also dual micro analog joysticks. It also
includes a front and rear camera and will require a flash memory card. It features
a 3G connection, Bluetooth and Wifi connections. 
Don't leave please!! - As we all have known Verizon will be featuring the iPhone 4
in their phone line. And AT&T now has competition for the iPhone 4. AT&T now 
must fearing that most of the customers that they currently have will jump ship
and join Verizon. Because if you remember when the iPhone 4 came out first on 
AT&T they had said that they would not have a unlimited data plan for new customers
of the iPhone 4. And if you had one with a prior iPhone you could change your plan 
if you wanted but if you didn't want to then you were okay. And also for those 
who changed plans they would not be allowed to go back. So now comes word that 
Verizon will be offering an unlimited data plan, so AT&T now says we can't be left
behind they are now secretly considering going back on there promise and let anyone
who changed plans to go back to the unlimited data plan. So if you changed plans tune 
in later when everything becomes more clearer or tune in on Feb 10 when Verizon 
comes out with the iPhone 4. 
Now I want to use my blog to make an announcement. This past Tuesday my cousin 
Jorge Arreola and his lovely wife Ana brought into the world a bundle of joy 
named Jorge Arreola Jr. I just want to congratulate the mother and the dad and 
of course also to show my love for the parents of junior and the newest addition to the family. 

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