Techy Bytes 01-14-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. The weekend is here, let's all just enjoy
it safely and don't do anything that might end up on the news. Most of Chicago 
is getting ready for this weekend's big football game involving the Chicago 
Bears versus the Seattle Seahawks. You know what side I'm going with. GO BEARS! 
Onto today's Techy Bytes. 
iPhone has arrived for Verizon - As we all expected for some time word was made
official this past Tuesday when Verizon made the announcement that they were 
obtaining the iPhone 4. Many people are rejoicing because there is a new option 
if you want to purchase the iPhone 4. But like anything you purchase there are 
pro's and con's for the product. First if you are familiar with the iPhone 4 with 
AT&T. You know that you can multi-task on the phone but with the new Verizon 
iPhone you won't be able to do that. In a area where the Verizon phone does 
get some points in favor is that you can make your iPhone 4 into a personal hot 
spot. What does that mean? Well you can use the phone as a wi-fi connection 
for 5 devices. And Verizon will launch the phone on February 10. 
The death of Myspace is near - We all have at one point during this social 
networking craze used Myspace. It was at one point a competitor for Facebook. But 
as times have changed more people flocked to Facebook and Twitter. And Myspace 
has been left behind. I have to admit that I had a Myspace page but as times 
went by I enjoyed Facebook more and more and just left Myspace behind. One of the
reasons might be that Myspace was just a avenue for most start up bands to launch
their music and many people didn't enjoy that. And as a result of losing members 
and falling behind the social network giants. They will be laying off almost 
half of their staff. Which is a sad story. But it was kind of expected. So long 

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