Techy Bytes 01-07-11

Happy Friday to everyone another weekend is here for everyone that has been 
craving a weekend since the holiday's are over. So enjoy this weekend and relax 
and read my blog this weekend and feel smarter.
Onto today's Techy Bytes. I will be covering some topics that made news this week.
iPad 2 coming - I wrote about this topic some time back and said that it might be 
coming soon. And there is more proof coming out of the Consumer Electronics show.
There was a report online saying that an individual working for a publication went 
to the show and saw a company that makes cases for the iPad, had a case for the 
soon to be released iPad 2 and the individual noticed that the new iPad 2 case 
does not fit the original iPad because it is thinner and will have a frontal 
camera so you can have video conferences on the iPad 2. So we will see when they 
make the announcement of a new iPad 2. 
iPhone 3GS drops in price - Yes if you haven't purchased an iPhone yet, you might 
look into it now. AT&T has dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS to $49, they will 
go on sale this Friday. AT&T might be doing this because the iPhone will be on the
Verizon network and they are trying to offer a lower price for the iPhone. But 
the $49 dollar 3GS phone will be available at all retail locations and also on their
website. And it comes with a 2 year contract. So if you still want to be on the 
AT&T network go and get yourself the 3GS phone but if you want to wait until it 
is released on the Verizon network then just wait it out. 
No vacation for you - For most us that are suffering for some vacation time, will 
be saying HAHA! to this news. There is word that Apple employees are not allowed 
to take some vacation time in the last weeks of January until the first weeks of 
February. Could this be because there might some new products coming out during 
those weeks? When Apple does these sort of things it is always referred as a "blacking
out" period. And when that happens it usually related to a new product release so 
we will during those weeks what happens. 

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