New age of doing taxes

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. But for 
any football fan this weekend will be a boring weekend. Yes there is a the 
pro bowl, but that is a game that does not attract a lot of viewers. And worse
yet they schedule it before the Super Bowl. So that doesn't help it's cause. We
move on to today's topic. 
We all dread these upcoming months of the year and that is tax time. To many of 
us we are looking for ways to get more money from the government. I am reminded 
of an episode of the Cosby show when Claire and Cliff Huxtable are filing out their
taxes and he has so many people living in his house and wants to get them on his
tax return because that means more money. 
Now with all the incorporation of technology into our lives, the tax season is 
seeing it being incorporated into the tax returns. As we all know smartphones are
the most popular phone on the market at this time. So now if you have an iPhone 
you are able to just take a snapshot of your W2 form and then the TurboTax app
on the iPhone does the rest for you. All you have to do is download the TurboTax
app from the App store on your iPhone and then just take the picture of your W2.
But one thing that I want to mention is that for you to be able to take advantage 
of this app your return has to be pretty simple. Meaning that if you are going 
to file the W2 then you are able to use the app. But if you want to bring mortgage
interest and tuition bills then you are not allowed to use that app. 
The IRS is also taking advantage of technology now. The IRS2Go App gives you the 
ability to track your Tax return from your mobile phone. The app is available 
on the iPhone and Android phones. So if you are one of many that file your returns
with E-file you can check your return with 72 hours of filing it and after you
receive an e-mail stating that they have received your return. Now if you file 
the old fashioned way of mailing off your return, you have to wait up to 4 weeks. 
Also the company known as TaxAct offers a Free Federal Tax return now you might 
say well there must be a catch. Well there is. Every Federal return is free no 
matter how big or small your return is. But where you have to pay is when you 
have fill out your state return. But it is no more than 15 bucks which is a 
very good deal. So if your looking to save money on your return here is another 
good option. 
And finally I want to wish everyone good luck on filing out their tax returns 
if you are doing them on your own. And if you are going to pay someone to do 
them for you. Then I hope that you  get all the money that you deserve. 

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