Motorola Atrix

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. After a very 
eventful weekend for every Chicagoan out there we had a very exciting Sunday 
with the Bears versus Packers. We move onto today's topic it is all about a 
brand new phone that Motorola is launching. 
The phone that I am talking about that Motorola is launching is called the 
Motorola Atrix. Motorola was once a powerful force in the mobile business when 
they launched the Razr it was a phone that everyone wanted to have. And then came
the iPhone and everyone flocked towards the iPhone and left Motorola behind and 
they are trying to get back into the game. 
This will be the first phone that will feature a dual processor it will feature 
two 1 gigahertz processors compare that to most fast phones now that only incorporate
one gigahertz processor. I must say that they phone is very impressive on most
It has a fingerprint reader that protects your phone from other people stealing 
your phone and making it theirs. Now if you want someone else to access the phone
their a pin number feature where the person can't just put in the pin number and 
they will be able to access the phone. It also comes with the Motoblur which 
makes all your social networks available in one area you can also back it up into
the cloud and you also have the ability to wipe the phone's memory yourself if 
your phone gets stolen. 
One thing that also makes the phone more sweeter is that you can hook it up to a
11.6 inch screen and a keyboard device that makes your phone into a mini laptop. 
The keyboard has it's own power source so you don't have to zap any battery life 
from your phone. And you can use the keyboard for a good 8 hours. The device has 
usb slots so you can use it as an external drive. And you will want to do that 
because it has 16 GB of memory and you can add as much as 32 GB of memory via
the MicroSD card. 
The phone has a 1Gb processor which I said earlier is faster than any of the other 
fast phones  on the market. And you can make calls while you are using as a laptop
and also makes the 4G speed faster. It also has a front facing camera which now
every phone is incorporating. And also has a 5 mega pixel camera to take videos 
in High Def. Also to conserve battery life the phone only uses one processor. 
It will be featured in the AT&T lineup but don't worry people this will not 
be like when the iPhone came out and it was only available at AT&T. The will 
also make another dual processor phone called Bionic and it will be available 
on Verizon. So we will see if the phone gets long lines of people looking to get
the phone. 

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