Mac App store hits the jackpot

Happy Monday to everyone. Another start of the week to get over. But it should 
be a little easier for us Bear fans. We had a great Sunday where we saw the 
Bears dominate the Seahawks and move on to the NFC championship game where they
will face off against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. This might be 
the game of all games. So again I will say GO Bears!
Onto today's topic we all have heard the rave reviews from the App store from 
various devices like the iPod touch and iPhone and iPad. We have heard from 
various publications how young kids are creating their own app and making 
money. And if you read my blog for the past few weeks you might have read that 
the Apple App Store hit the millionth App sold and only on the first day. 
The Apple App Store is a new avenue that Apple is trying to conquer. And this 
will be the most interesting challenge that take on. Because they are trying to 
sway Mac users to stop going to the store and purchasing their software and just 
go to the App Store on their computer and purchasing it through there. And I have 
to say that they do have some App's at a very reasonable price that you might 
say why should I waste that much money, when I can just go to the App store and 
get it for a little cheaper. 
As with the iPhone and iPad App store they do offer some free app's but those 
app's don't bring in the most money for Apple. So if you are an app creator 
out there make the app and make sure to put a price on the app, because you 
could be making some money for yourself. 
So overall I have to say is that Apple just keeps making money via the App Store
for their wireless devices and computers. The company never does a bad thing for 
the public only maybe the Apple TV when it was first introduced. But they got it 
right and are back on the right track with all their products. 

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