Long Distance Relationships: Good or Bad?

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. After today
the rest of the week should be a breeze. And if you are in Chicago, then you 
already know that we had a little snow storm. But nothing to the extent of NYC, 
all it is a little lake effect snow. Not a heavy snow. Which is always good for 
the people that shovel the snow. Now onto today's topic. 
You may have used this product at one point or another. If you haven't you must 
use it. Now we all have seen how popular the Skype program is. And better yet it 
is free. Do you think that a long distance relationship could survive with 
Skype and other tech toys. 
Now I was reading an article in the New York times that mentioned that there was 
a couple that was dating and one of them went to college in Boston and the other 
at the University of Colorado. They had their doubts about the relationship but 
they wanted to make it work. And to this day it has worked out for both of them.
They have been in the relationship for 2 years. 
There are tons of relationships that have tried to make it work and once they 
hit the campus life and then Thanksgiving comes around and people get dumped. 
With the times changing constantly. The relationship now is changing. Usually 
if someone was going to be in another country for school they would break up. But 
now with the times we live in now. That has stopped. Now people can rely on Skype,
text messaging, or post stuff on Facebook and of course the phone call is necessary.
The couple that I mentioned above have Skyped for hours nearly every night, they
sent texts every day, talked on the phone and they even wrote letters. Yes! you 
heard that right. In the age of e-mail, Facebook and Skype they found that writing 
a letter is a nice option. But now that they can trust each other and having 
busy schedules with school. They use Skype twice a week and make a phone call a 
little bit more they still text each other and they see each other when they 
visit their homes. 
Another nice option to keep a relationship going is the iPhone 4 which has the 
frontal camera where you can talk to people and they can see them and they can 
see you. And with the iPhone 4 you can download the Skype app and do the same 
thing you do on the computer now you can do it on the go. 
So now the question I ask you the reader is this, if your are going out with 
someone and he or she moves far away would you do the things that I mentioned 
above or would you let the person go? 

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