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Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week of work. If 
you are in Chicago then you may have heard the news that this week we are 
expecting a blizzard to hit Chicago. Hopefully this time around the weathermen 
and women get this one wrong. And we are also getting prepared for next Sunday's
Superbowl which unfortunately won't feature the Bears but we will be cheering 
against the hated Green Bay Packers. Now onto today's topic
As you might have read on my past blogs. I have been one in favor of the new 
e-readers out now. And how they can be life savers for many students right now 
if only the school systems would incorporate most of their reading materials to be
on an e-reader. It would for one save the students from carrying so many books 
in their book-bags. And there was also the opposition to the e-readers because many people want to read a book the old fashioned way. 
But word came out from Amazon that their e-books were finally outselling the 
paperback books. Amazon released a statement saying that for every 100 paperback books that they sold they would sell 115 Kindle books. And during the same time frame they would sell 3 times Kindle books as hard cover books. 
Now from my point of view I think that it is more beneficial for everyone to get 
their hands on a Kindle or for that matter any e-reader in the marketplace. It 
first and foremost saves the environment, because people when they are done with a magazine they won't throw it away and maybe endanger the environment. They use an e-reader and the book or magazine is in PDF form meaning that you can just view it on your device or computer and not have to throw it away. 
Secondly the more books or magazines that you have they won't take up much space in your house. Because most of the books will be loaded on your e-reader. And they won't be lying around the house or if you must, you won't have to make a special room for all your books. And as I stated at the beginning it benefits students as well. So this is a win-win for everyone involved. 
So if you have a e-reader now then I congratulate you. But if you don't look into 
getting one. Because it is all the rage right now. But it is very beneficial. 

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