Happy Friday to everyone out there. As people here in Chicago know that is 
championship weekend. The Chicago Bears will be facing off against the Green 
Bay Packers. We all here in Chicago have been awaiting this game since last Sunday 
it was made official. Today's Techy Bytes will be available next week. Today 
I will be writing about the Chicago Bears. 
As some of you that know me, know that my love for sports is big. I have many 
loves in my life my family, the Cubs, the Bears, the Bulls and since last year's
success the Blackhawks. So I will be going into detail of the goings on of the 
Chicago Bears and their journey to get to this point. 
We all know that no one here in Chicago expected this type of success for the 
Chicago Bears. We all saw how in the season opener it was a lucky call that gave
the Bears a victory against the Detroit Lions. Then they took their talents to 
Dallas and dismantled the great Cowboys team. And we all said during that time
that this might be a good season. Then came the low point of the season where 
they played against the NY Giants and where Jay Cutler was driven to the ground 
multiple times that he received a concussion by the many hits he took. Then
they had home games against the Seahawks and Redskins and those games we all felt 
were games that were easy games to win. But Jay Cutler made it very difficult 
by throwing interceptions and cost them those two games. But after that point 
they somehow got an identity and went on a winning streak. And looked a 
completely different team then the one we noticed at the beginning of the season.
Bears now are in the NFC championship against the Green Bay Packers. Now they faced
off against them 2 times previously. The Bears won one here in Chicago and lost 
the other in Green Bay. Many people in the media are going for the Green Bay Packers.
And they should because they are the sexy pick. Many at the beginning of the season
predicted that they would be in the Super Bowl. What no one has noticed is how this
team has come together and become a serious contender. 
How the offensive line is very strong in protecting Jay Cutler. It is not letting 
anyone get the quarterback. The running game is in feel effect. The defense is just
very good that they can score points on their own. And the special teams are
just truly special you have Devin Hester and Robbie Gould and the whole special 
teams unit that make them one of the best in the league. 
Most people who read this and they are not from Chicago are going to say well 
he's a homer and is just going for the Bears. Well I would have to say yes I am 
a homer. But if the Bears sucked like the Seahawks did I would lean towards the 
other way. But that is not going to happen here. I sense this could be a special 
year here in Chicago. Take into account how the defense stopped the Packers in 
the season finale and they only scored 10 points in a game where the Bears had 
nothing to play for and the Packers had to win at all cost the game to get into 
playoffs. The Bears then stated that they didn't do much from their last game 
that they played and how they would look when they game plan for this team it 
could be a different story.
I feel that the defense will make Aaron Rodgers uncomfortable and the special 
teams will show up and the offense will contribute to the party. So all in all 
I say this to all of Chicago to join in my chorus of GO BEARS! 

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