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Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over after today the rest of the week should be a breeze so don't worry, the weekend is almost here for anyone that is craving for a weekend after the holiday break that we had. Onto today's topic.
The topic that I will be writing about today is a item that was a hot stocking 
stuffer for anyone that was interested in this product. Now you might be saying well maybe he is going to be talking about the iPad, no my friends I have already touched on that product it was my gadget of the year last year 2010. This is another gadget that was a nice addition to anyone who wanted to save on having a lot of books to carry around. 
The product is the Amazon Kindle. Yes the new version of the Kindle received a lot of rave reviews and people really enjoyed the Kindle because of it's very slim 
design and very small which could fit in the back pocket of any pants that might 
have a back pocket. But always remember if you have it in your back pocket always take it out of your back pocket if you are going to be sitting down. I don't want people to then comment by saying hey I put it in my back pocket and then sat down and it got smashed. 
The Amazon Kindle included a wi-fi connection which is a nice feature to have on a device. Also you can read your books in direct sunlight meaning that if you are 
outside and it is sunny out, you can keep on reading the book that you are reading
outside. You can also have the device read to you with it's read to me feature. 
And you can use it right out of the box you don't have to install any software 
onto the device and you don't need a computer to use this device. And you can 
have the battery last for a month. Yes you heard that right you can have the device running for a month and not have to charge it at any time in that month. 
So overall this another device that I would have to say is a gadget of the year for 
2010. So if you are a user of this device I bet you are really enjoying this device 
and better yet it was not too expensive to purchase. And if you want to get one if 
you didn't get one for Christmas, I highly recommend you getting one. 

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