A missing piece to the Apple puzzle

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. And also it
is getting closer to the big game on Sunday. Like they have been saying on the 
news and in the newspapers that this could be the game of all games for us here 
in Chicago. But I will be offering a little bit of my point of view on Friday 
on the game. Onto today's topic. 
There was breaking news on Monday morning as everyone was heading into work. 
Word leaked that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was taking a leave of absence from the 
company. People immediately were saying who is going to be taking over and how
would the company function without him. Well Steve Jobs surrounded himself with 
people that he feels can take care of the company. Plus this isn't the first time 
that he has taken a leave of absence from the company. He took a break from the 
company in 2009 and the company kept on functioning the same. 
Many people might be saying well maybe with someone else in charge there will 
be a change in devices. But that is not going to happen because many of the 
products are already made an it is just a matter of releasing them to the public. 
Now the person taking the reins to the company is the chief operating officer 
Tim Cook. He has gone through this before so it is nothing new. As I mentioned 
above that Steve Jobs had taken a break from the company in 2009 Tim was left
in charge of the company during that time. Steve Jobs still hopes that he will 
be able to come back and take back the reins to the company. 
As news leaked Tuesday morning that Steve Jobs was not head of the company for the 
moment. The Apple Inc stock fell. Because most stock holders sense that there 
might something wrong with the company. 
But in reality Steve Jobs is the most famous CEO of any company. I would like to 
ask anyone out there. Is there any CEO that you identify immediately with the 
company? Because for me I don't know any CEO that is very influential to the 
public than Steve Jobs is. 
Will Apple lose in the tablet business? Even though they are still the leaders 
there still is Google and Samsung and Microsoft are gaining on Apple. But I 
seriously think that the company will not lose a beat. 
I also want to wish Steve Jobs a quick and fast recovery. 

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