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Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Let's just make
the best of this week and before we know it, we will have Christmas on our door steps,
well in reality they have been promoting Christmas for some time since November. 
Some radio stations have been playing Christmas music since October which is silly.
But what can you do some people just like Christmas a lot that they want to celebrate
it early. Onto today's topic, it will be dealing about a service that we have made 
fun of but you have to say that it is a very popular service.
The service that I am talking about is QVC, yes the home shopping channel that every
person at one point or another have seen it while channel surfing. But what I am going 
to be talking about is how with the age of technology this channel has evolved. Well 
as you may know if you are watching this channel and you see a product that you like 
for yourself or for someone else. You have to dial in to purchase the product of your
But as with the times that we are in right now. You don't have to be hooked on the 
phone line trying to get through to get your order in. Now you can just simply log 
onto the site and get the product that you are looking for. And there are
some people saying well maybe QVC has products that I won't recognize. Not so my 
friends they have everything from Rachel Zoe, Dell, Sony, Nintendo Wii. So you 
can pretty much say that QVC is like Amazon but on TV. 
And they do sell quite a lot of products, they do at times sell more stuff online 
then they do on the air. So they have realized that they made ton of money with 
offering a new feature with their network. And also with the times that we are living 
in and how smartphones, TV's now have the ability to have apps on them, well QVC is
not far behind on that front because now you can download the app on your iPhone. 
And also if you go on their site you can click on the left side of site and see what
products are currently on the air or what products were on air. And also you can 
watch on your computer wherever you are. And you can place your order from where 
you are located or you can simply just order it on your computer. 
So the question that will be placed on you right now is this. Are you going to be 
on your iPhone shopping on QVC or will you be online or are you going to be 
on the old school way and just watch your TV. 

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