Techy Bytes : Christmas Eve edition

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Today is Christmas Eve a day every kid has been 
waiting for. I know there are some people still out there that have to do some more 
Christmas shopping and then there are others that are all done and they are home 
today getting the Christmas Eve dinner ready for their loved ones. Today's Techy
Bytes will be featuring 3 topics that have made news this week. 
Call of Duty hits a billion - As you may have read on one of the Techy bytes I 
mentioned that Call of Duty: Black Ops had hit a high mark in terms of sales during
the first week that it was released. Well now the most popular video game right now
has hit 1 billion dollars in sales overall. No game has been able to hit that mark 
this fast, it is similar to what the movie Avatar did when it was released. The movie
also was able to hit the billion dollar mark worldwide. So now the question is 
will somebody out there be receiving this hot selling game for Christmas? 
Mac App Store debuts Jan 6th - As I also mentioned Apple wants to launch on 
January the 6th their Mac App Store, meaning that if you own an Apple computer
you will now be able to download software straight to your computer without even going
to the store. And also if you are familiar with the Mac website they had a section
where you were able to download programs and widgets called Mac OS X downloads. But 
since they announced that they are going to launch the site on January the 6th 
the site has be taken down in anticipation of the grand debut of the new site. So 
all Apple users are eagerly waiting the site to be launched. 
Hobby turns to money maker - If you are familiar with the company that is Apple, you
might know that they have turned a lot of products into money makers like the iPod,
iPad and the Mac computer. Now if you have heard of the Apple TV there was a time 
when it was not a popular product that Apple sold. Then Steve Jobs said in a statement
that the Apple TV was just a hobby. So then they released the brand new Apple TV 
at $100 dollars and was very small that you could carry in one hand and now came 
word that they had sold one million Apple TV's. It is a device that streams movies 
to your TV via Netflix and Youtube and iTunes. But also a nice feature that it has 
now is the Airplay function meaning that if you have any movie on your computer, 
iPod or iPad you can stream it straight to the TV via the Airplay function. 
And finally I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all 
and to all a good night. Oh no this isn't a Christmas Carol. 

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