Techy Bytes 12-17-2010

Happy Friday to everyone. We are a week from Christmas, I know there are kids 
anxiously waiting for Christmas morning but the grown ups are stressed because there 
are some who have not found that perfect gift or there are some that were very 
prepared and planned ahead and didn't stress over this. Today's Techy bytes will 
feature three topics that made headlines this week.
Man of the Year - Wednesday they made the announcement that Time magazine is naming 
Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg as the man of the year. It must be that he made a
sizable contribution to a school that made his character look more reasonable. Now 
if you saw the movie the Social Network the movie didn't depict Mark Zuckerberg in a 
likable character but as soon as the movie was released, he made the donation to the 
school. Now other than that, he has also created a great program that has made 
people reconnect in many fronts anywhere from old school buddies, to long lost 
relatives, and in some occasions your parents may also have a Facebook page 
to keep an eye on their kids. 
Mac App store coming soon - Again Apple making headlines with news the announcement
that they will be opening up on January the 6th that they will debut the Mac App
store. What the Mac App store is going to be doing is what they iTunes store and 
App Store is doing right now for the Mac and iPhone. If you are looking for a 
program that you want downloaded on your Apple computer, you basically just go to the 
Mac App Store and choose the program that you want and download it to your computer.
You don't need to go to the store and buy the program. All of it could be done on 
your computer without leaving your home. They also want to create one offer programs to
PC users.  
Men Vs Computer - For the first time this century we will finally find out who is 
smarter the human mind or a computer. An I.B.M. computer named Watson named after the 
creator of the computer Thomas J. Watson Sr. The computer will be competing on the 
game-show Jeopardy. The battle will be against the 2 biggest winners on Jeopardy, 
Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter their will be 3 episodes that will air on Feb 14-16,
2011. I.B.M. and the show's producers have agreed on a prize of 1 million dollars. 
If the computer wins the competition all of the money will be donated to charity. If 
either Brad or Ken win the competition half of the money will be donated to charity.
So we will see who wins in the competition. It could be either man or machine.
Tune in on the dates that I mentioned above. 

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