Techy Bytes 12-10-10

Happy Friday to everyone. Another weekend that is upon us. And if we are living in 
Chicago this weekend will be filled with snowfall. So if you like snow, then this 
weekend is for you. If you are not a fan of snow, then just say to yourself this will
all be over soon. And before you know it spring will be upon us. Until then, I present 
to you my brand new Techy Bytes. 
Google OS? - Yes you heard that right, Google announced this week that they will 
be releasing their own version of a OS. They want to do battle with Windows, 
Apple, and the much less known OS Linux. They will fully launch the whole OS 
during the summer that is the speculation right now on the Internet. But before then 
they will test out the OS with various users getting a first hand look at the OS, if 
you are looking to get your hands on this OS, all you need to do is submit a video 
on YouTube and explain why you should test out the new OS. They will also launching 
netbooks with the new Google OS. And those companies that are going to be making the 
netbooks are Samsung and Acer. Before I forget to mention the new Google OS is named
Chrome OS. So be on the look out for this new OS. 
New Google phone - Google is again launching a new phone, as you may have been reading
on my blog the last few blogs are mentioning a lot of Google. I guess they want to be
known more their products and not only being a search engine. So the new phone will 
be called the Nexus S. It will feature a front and back camera for video conferencing.
It has a 1Ghz hummingbird processor and 16GB of internal memory. Also a 4' color 
display. Which makes it more easier to watch movies on the phone or photos. It also 
has a very good display to view in direct sunlight. You can also use the Nexus S 
also a mobile hotspot and you can also make VOIP phone calls. From the first look 
of the phone, it looks like a very sleek phone that could be competition to the much
hyped iPhone. 
iPad 2? - It was not going to take long before the launch of the new iPad was going 
to be announced. And the rumors making the rounds on the internet is that they iPad 2 
will be making its grand debut in April, it will feature a front camera for the 
Facetime feature on it's iPhone 4.  It will be thinner which is a given on most of the 
2nd generation of things that Apple makes. So we will see once more information comes
in. I will keep you informed. 

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