New Google ebook store

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Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. Then after 
today the rest of the week should be a breeze. If you are in Chicago the rest of the
week could be eventful, with the weather changing on a constant basis as we all know
one day you could be enjoying 80 degree temps then a hour later it could drop as low 
as 40 degrees. And this week is no different, it is getting colder as we know, but 
the days are calm but coming this Friday to Saturday there will be significant snowfall 
that could affect people's rides home. But we still have to see what the forecast 
holds later today or Thursday, there should be a clearer picture. So now onto 
today's topic. The great company known as Google is making splashes on this 
holiday season. 
As you may have read on my previous blog that Google was trying to purchase the little
Chicago company known as GroupOn. But after a clearer picture the little company 
said no they are not interested in making the transaction. But there is talk on the 
Internet that GroupOn sees itself as a company that is worth a lot more than what 
Google offered. So we will see if Google makes another offer to GroupOn and whether 
they will accept said offer. 
But Google on Monday announced that they will be launching a brand new Ebook store.
Yes you heard that right. Google is gearing up for the Ebook wars. As we all know 
that the hot item this Christmas is going to be a Ebook reader. Like the Kindle, Nook,
and the Sony reader. And there are other generic versions that may or may not work. 
Google launched the Ebook store, that you as the consumer can download any Ebook 
to your Nook, iPad and the Sony Reader. But the Ebooks are not compatible with 
Kindle might it be that it is going to be rivaling Amazon? We will see what the 
future holds for Amazon versus Google. The prices of the Ebooks are very reasonably 
priced for anyone that is looking into getting a Ebook reader this Christmas. This 
just gives your another location to buy Ebooks. They said that you as the consumer 
when you are shopping for a book, you just don't go to one store you go to various 
stores to search for the better priced book. And that is what is happening here. 
So what Ebook store are you going to shopping from this holiday season when you 
obtain your very one Ebook reader this Christmas? Are you going to the iBooks 
store, Amazon, or the brand new Google Ebook Store? 

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