Is e-mail dead?

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Hope you are all set on your Christmas shopping, and 
that you don't have to be out on Thursday and Friday with all the mayhem that 
might be ahead to anyone who has put off the shopping until the last minute. For 
those who are done. I congratulate you and now you can just relax and just wrap 
your presents and just concentrate on the Christmas dinner if you are cooking 
Christmas Eve. Now we move onto today's topic.
We all have at one time or another have used e-mail, now the question that I ask 
you is e-mail getting old? Well for me I think that e-mail is still a popular 
way to communicate with people. But there seems to be a trend amongst teens today 
that they don't use e-mail because it is not a short process, much like an instant 
message on the computer or a text message. 
Now you can mention to any teenager now and say I remember when I used to watch 
movies on a VCR, they might look at you like "where are you from?" But that is how
teenagers now just have experienced the new trends which are DVD's or videos that 
stream online. And has the VCR has died out will e-mail do the same? 
The problem that kids mention with e-mail is that is a very lengthy process because 
you have to log on to your computer, sign in to your e-mail account then writing the
message that you want to be sent, then the person who receives the e-mail may or 
may not read it. 
Facebook is one company that is changing the way e-mail is sent. Now you can send out 
e-mails on Facebook and wants to make it a process that is similar to a text message. 
Many times when you are sending a e-mail on one of the e-mail providers they want you 
to put a subject for your e-mail now what Facebook is doing is that you don't need
to include a subject for your e-mail. 
Now one thing that I really find very aggravating, is that with text messaging and 
instant messaging. Kids are losing the way they write. They are relying on the short
quick messages, like the following LOL, WTF, OMG, they are forgetting how to really
write a letter or how to spell. Now there are some kids who are smarter that can 
handle both writing styles. But there are some that just rely on one. 
But I wouldn't say that e-mail is completely dead because in order for you to communicate
with your boss or if you are interested in a job that you need to submit your resume
the quickest way to do so is by e-mail. It gets to the person that has to receive 
the e-mail in less than a minute. So all we have to do is teach our kids now that 
there is a another way to communicate with people and not rely solely on the your
telephone and instant messaging. And don't lose the beautiful art of writing to 

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  • I think you're right for the most part about kids not liking email. But they are in for a rude awakening when they go into the corporate world because email is an entrenched part of corporate culture.

  • Thanks for leaving your comment Mr. Kevin O'neil, Yes once you enter the corporate world you are going to be e-mailing on a constant basis and have to get used to it, if you want to stay in the corporate world

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