iPad the 2010 gadget of the year

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Happy Monday to everyone out there. I know there are some that are dreading going 
back to work after a holiday. But if you are lucky you might have a week or 2 
off until after the New years. Today's topic will be all about the gadgets that 
made 2010 memorable. 
We all know that there were so many gadgets that made 2010 memorable. But there 
is one that was the leader of all the gadgets. And the gadget that I am mentioning
is the most hyped and most promoted gadget of some time and that is the iPad. I was
a person that was not a fan of this device when it first was launched. Because my 
thoughts were just that it was a big iPhone minus making phone calls. And you 
couldn't do anything with it, if you wanted to consider it as a computer. Because 
it didn't have the capabilities to printing documents.
As time went by there was articles and articles in newspapers, magazines and various
publications that stated that the iPad was a must have gadget. But I just didn't 
see what the hype was all about. But you would hear from schools saying that it 
aided the teachers and students in eliminating books what I mean is that students 
don't have to carry as many books with the invention of the iPad. And then there 
was also the mention of how movie studios would not show actors a script the old
fashioned way. They would now just carry their iPad's and show the actor the script
and also show them how they would like them to look like in the movie that they would
be in and also they would show them locations that they would be shooting in. 
Also the doctor's office saw the inclusion of the iPad. The doctor now if they 
had to do an x-ray for a patient. They wouldn't use the film that they used before.
Now they would just take the x-ray like they always do but now instead of showing 
the film that you had to see in light you just need to take out your iPad and show 
the patient of what is happening with him or her. As I was mentioning with one of 
my arguments for the product was that it didn't have the capability to print if 
you wanted to consider the iPad as a computer. But a couple months back Apple
released an update to the iPhone and iPad that makes your iPad capable to print 
wireless. So that shut me up and put an end to the argument. 
And also as with anything that Apple does there is the hype that I mentioned. But 
it also got included into many shows like for example Entourage the show on HBO 
saw it included into one of their scenes. And that is always good promotional 
work for a product. Because if you are seeing a show like Entourage that I mentioned
above and you see them working or playing around with a iPad, you will almost 
always say Hey! I want one.. And as we all know Oprah always gives out her favorite
things on her show. And this year was her last favorite things episode and she 
gave away to her audience an Apple iPad. 
So overall I have to say that I had my doubts for this product. But again it has 
proved me wrong and has become a very popular product along side the iPod and 
the Mac computer line. So I consider the iPad as the gadget of 2010. 

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