Angry Birds

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Hope that you are warm from this very cold 
weather that we have encountered. But think about guys, it's Chicago. So we have 
to be used to it by now. And we also had some inches of snow on Sunday so that is
nothing to the extent that the people on the news made it out to be. They were somehow
saying a blizzard was coming to Chicago, but none of that happened. But there is a 
very cold period here with us now. Have yourself a warm and happy Monday. 
Onto today's blog, this is going to be all about a little game from the storyline 
of the game no one would have thought that this type of game would make it as a 
top game. But it has. You might be asking what game are you talking about? Well you 
may have heard of the game Angry Birds. The game is a very addicting game that anyone
who first tries out the game get's addicted to it. And can't let go of the device 
that you may have the game on. 
The game is made by a small Finnish company called Rovio, they didn't think that 
this game would be as popular as it is today. It is on every mobile device 
imaginable. And they have made different versions of the game, you have your original
game then they introduced the Halloween edition of the game and then Holiday edition.
Basically the game is about angry birds that attack pigs who are in constructed 
areas that you have destroy to kill the pigs who have stolen the birds eggs. 
How do you know when the game you created is popular? Well when people start making 
costumes for Halloween of your game, when people make parodies of your game. Even
Justin Bieber says he is addicted to the game. Unlike when Mario Bros was popular 
by commercials and word of mouth. But Angry Birds has taken a life of it's own 
because not only are they doing it by word of mouth from people but there are doing 
with no promotion. 
Rovio is clearly sitting on a gold mine right with Angry Birds. They are thinking of
creating a PC version that you can just install on your computer. Or they also are
thinking of bringing it to a gaming console. So it could be on your XBox, PS3, or 
Wii systems. They are also thinking of doing a TV show or a movie. Which in reality 
I don't think it could work. But if you had mentioned to someone if the storyline
of this game would work? They would get back to you and say no way! But look 
at where the game is at now? One of the most popular games of the year. 

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