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Happy Monday to everyone. I am back! I was on a mini vacation from writing my blog
and let me tell you that I really missed you guys. And I missed writing. So I am 
ready to give you my thoughts on various techy stuff. And coming back from the 
Thanksgiving weekend which I hope everyone had a good time and ate a lot of food. 
And also got some shopping in this weekend and if you didn't then today might be the 
day for you. And I will be discussing about the significance of today.
Well if you were one of many who flooded your local mall this weekend and went 
wild for the sales that various stores were offering then you have a leg up on the
rest of us who always put off shopping for the last minute. But today is a day 
that the computer world offered to any individual who didn't want to go out 
on Black Friday. So they coined the phrase Cyber Monday.
Now why is it Cyber Monday? Well the reason behind the phrase is that when people 
came back from their Thanksgiving break, many workers went straight to their computers
to shop and they would flood the computer networks for their company. And it also 
gives you the peace of mind that you won't be standing in long lines where you have
to fight for various products. And also have the peace of mind that the product will
arrive at your doorstep. 
SO I will be telling you some deals that this Cyber Monday will be featuring so here 
goes don't push and shove now. Everyone in a single file as everyone will be able
to grab the products that they wish. So here we go.. First if you are looking for 
a HD camera to record video footage. will be offering surprisingly enough
a Flip HD for $89 dollars that is 110 dollars off the retail price, that is a very
good deal. will be offering hoodies for anyone looking to purchase 
something wrong for that guy that likes college sports. Well you are in luck they 
will be offering 2 hoodies for 30 dollars. is not left behind on this
CyberMonday they will be offering select uggs for 50% off. Yes you heard that right
uggs for 50% off. So if you are a guy who is looking for that perfect for that special
someone. Then you may have the gift here. 
For the person that is always waking up in the morning to get his run in this 
is the product for you. will be offering a Livestrong half zip Men's Running
jacket from the regular price of 60 dollars to $47.97 but better than that if you 
add the promo code NIKEAIR then you lower the price to 36 dollars and then if you 
add promo code JUSTDOIT then you can take advantage of the Free Shipping option which 
is sweet. 
Now for the girl that needs a warm jacket for this winter that could be a cold one
we have the deal for you. As we all know that a North Face jacket are very expensive
but for this CyberMonday you will have a good deal. will have 
the North Face jacket on sale for the price 54.95 yes you heard that right, compare
that to the regular price of 98.95 with the 54.95 price tag on the jacket you get 
free shipping included another sweet deal. 
So after you read my blog, get your coffee and be ready to be seated for some time 
and get those deals my friends. And you can thank me.. For bringing these deals for you.

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