Online or In Store? Which do you prefer

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day that we must overcome 
before the weekend arrives. And today is the start for the month of December before 
we know it is going to the Christmas and then New Year's. Wow how fast has the year 
passed us by. But onto today's topic which should be an interesting one for everyone
out there. 
Today's topic will be all about which way of purchasing gifts for the holiday's do 
you prefer? As many of us know this past week that passed us we had the day after 
holiday that brings lots and lots of people down to the malls, which if you are not
familiar with the day after holiday it is called Black Friday. 
Now I went to Wood-field Mall on Black Friday at the time of 4am, yes you heard that 
right 4am! Now we all have seen on the news that the economy is in the dumps and 
that the government is trying to find ways to get money to avoid a enormous deficit 
that could affect our kids kids. But that is not what we are here for today. So as 
I was mentioning there was tons and tons of people at Wood-field Mall which is a 
pretty big mall. Now as I was walking down the mall, I could see that it was not 
fun for anyone to walk through tons of people. But they were there for the specials
that various stores had for Black Friday. 
Now stores did have interesting sales, for example The Gap had everything you purchased
was 50% off which is a very interesting sale. So I walked into the store and my god! 
The line in the store was like around the whole store and if you got into the line, 
how long was it going to take for you to get out of the store? I didn't want to 
even find out how long it took to get out of the store. Express both men and women's
side had the 40% off sale meaning that if you purchased anything it would get 40% 
off the price. 
You might be saying why would you get up and battle the people to get a product or 
products, well sometimes you will find something that is very good in price that 
you must have or must give to someone for their Christmas present. 
The other side of the argument that I usually side with is why be in line, when you 
can get something without having all the hassles of the mall when you can go online 
and get the same product without getting headaches. And that is very true because 
you are at home and you can just be relaxing on your couch and be purchasing products
from various retailers and not worry about finding parking and battling people at the 
One thing that does get people to the mall rather than going to the internet for 
their purchases is because of the shipping and handling charge that drives up the 
price of the product that you wish to purchase. And you can get the product right 
that moment and not be waiting days for. 
But results from the Black Friday sales and the Cyber Monday sales were calculated 
the other day and they announced that Black Friday sales were very strong but 
Cyber Monday beat Black Friday. So more people went online and bought the products 
that they wished to purchase. So where do you fall into? Going to the mall or 
surfing the net for the perfect product that you want to 

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